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First thing you should know is that everyone calls me Connie.

I’m a coffee drinking, showtune singing, podcast enthusiast based in Connecticut who loves having a good time and taking photos.  A lover of travel, I’ve photographed weddings all over the Northeast and even in California.

I began photographing weddings five years ago, when a friend’s wedding photographer bailed and, in a panic, she asked me to step in.  I had been photographing portraits for years and was no stranger to photography, and had actually always been interested in weddings so I said yes.  I got really nervous, rented some equipment, walked in blind, did pretty well for a newbie and never looked back.  I fell in love with photographing love.  I loved the fast pace of a wedding day, the incredible highs, the anticipation and the knowledge that I was getting to create photos that would outlive myself and that people would adore for a lifetime.  After searching for a niche, I found my calling the second I walked into my very first wedding and was a woman obsessed.


Wedding photography consumed me.

I was constantly studying it, I took every course I could get my hands on, watched every video, attended workshops, read every blog and talked to any photographer who would let me hang out with them. Five years later I now have a business I’m super proud of, but I’m still always learning.


In case you were wondering…


My why

I had the fortune of being named after my grandmother who passed away before I was born. A curious kid, I wondered a lot about her and asked plenty of questions. I loved hearing stories about her kindness, her cooking, the way she loved her children and how she would have loved my brother, my sister and I. I’m told that I have her almond shaped eyes and curly brown hair and I saw this every time I looked at her wedding photo, which my father kept on the mantle in his study. It’s a simple black and white photograph, but it provided a link and familiarity to a relative and I loved it. Looking at it I felt like I knew my grandmother, and I learned firsthand the power that a single photo can possess. This is part of what drives my passion for photography and is the reason I’ve made this my career. Photographs are a tangible link to the past and I love being able to create something that will tell my client’s stories for years to come. I seriously feel like the luckiest person alive because I love what I do and I get to do it everyday.

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